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All I Could See
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Nancy Nilsson's fifty years of work in the theater are reflected in this 292-page book of her plays from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. All except one have been successfully produced - it's awaiting its first production: Revolutionary War hero Richard Montgomery prepares for the battle of Quebec in Bright Flame of Liberty. Clara Barton is forced to resign from the Red Cross, the organization she founded, in Clara Barton Resigns from the Red Cross. F. Scott Fitzgerald's friends cavort at a party honoring his 100th birthday in Great Scott! Two street people try to keep warm on a cold winter night by burning their books, in the absurdist Shagnasty and the Night Visitor. Mary Lincoln talks to the audience as she dresses for the couple's night out at Ford's Theater in this full-length one-woman play, Very Truly Yours, M.L. A pretty young girl volunteers to be a surrogate mother for a gay couple, but then her conservative Southern mother comes to visit in the comedy Faulty Genes. A young girl in the South grows up to love her father in a powerful Depression-era drama that touches on child abuse in All I Could See. And a small-town diner awaits demolition via eminent domain while its regular customers ponder their futures in Goin' to See Maureen. Dramas and comedies, full length plays and one-acts, fun to read - and all available for performances. Suitable for high schools, college and community theaters, as well as the professional stage.

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