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Adidas Community T-Shirt Judo
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Toller Schnitt, cooles Design und bekannte adidas Optik: Das ist das neue adidas Community T-Shirt. Egal ob im Training oder in der Freizeit, in diesem T-Shirt machst du immer eine gute Figur!Hochwertige Verarbeitungadidas Print auf der BrustKörperbe

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Martial Arts Basics
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'Martial Arts Basics' is the most comprehensive book on martial arts that has been published, and a must read for every martial arts practitioner and anyone contemplating learning a martial art. There is a plethora of books on each of the different martial arts, but 'Martial Arts Basics' brings this mountain of information into one readable textbook. Dr. Gotay integrates history, training protocols, sporting vs. self defense aspects, and philosophies that serve as the bedrock many of the martial arts presented in each chapter. He does this for each of the eighteen martial arts from around the world which he writes about. In the appendices he highlights additional forms of martial arts not described in the main chapters. The book also provides course outlines for credit bearing college martial arts courses crafted and taught by Dr. Gotay. The contributors, who are all pioneers and leading authorities in their respective Martial Arts, give 'Martial Arts Basics' additional credibility and life. This text is well written and organized in a way that makes it easy for the reader to follow. Review by Dr. Carlos Molina, black belt ranked in judo and karate and a former champion college competitor in wrestling, judo, and karate. Dr. Molina has designed and taught college martial arts courses and coached martial arts teams. He is Vice President of the Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Development at Hostos Community College in New York City. The author, Dr. Gotay has a long history as an instructor in police tactics, boxing, judo, and karate. He is a former Commanding Officer of the Physical Education Unit of the New York City Police Department and is presently an Associate Professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in the City University of New York.

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