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Paraclete Psalter:A Book of Daily Prayer The Community of Jesus

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Gain an insider´s understanding of biblical poetry through these special lectures. Through 12 information-filled lectures, Professor Reid will introduce you to the poetry of the Christian Bible and enhance your appreciation and understanding of Scripture. Gain fresh insight into the Bible! Professor Reid begins with an introduction to biblical poetry and explains its importance in biblical history and world literature. You will examine works such as the victory songs of biblical books of Exodus and Judges, the laments in Hebrew narrative, such as 1 Samuel 1, as well as the Song of Songs and the book of Lamentations. In these books, you will examine the erotic Hebrew poetry as well as the city lament traditions. With the guidance of the gifted Professor Reid, you will develop a better understanding and appreciation of Hebrew poetry as well as its significance in Christian literature and spirituality. You will also learn about the rhetorical devices used in Hebrew poetry, such as meter, line, and parallelism. In An Introduction to Hebrew Poetry, you will spend time examining the many literary types and collections found in the Psalter, such as the hymns of the Psalms. The hymns give a beautiful and informative glimpse of the view of God in Hebrew poetry. Additionally, the personal laments of the Psalms will help us explore the role of the individual and the nature of the worshipping community of the Psalms. We will also explore the pilgrim psalms, the songs of Zion, and the hallelujah psalms. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Prof. Stephen B. Reid PhD. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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